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Take Control of Your Breast Cancer Journey

Be Your Own Advocate

Interacting With Your Healthcare Team

Healthcare TeamIf you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, become an active participant in your care. Proactively engage with your healthcare team to help make those critical decisions about your personal treatment plan.

The oncologist and nursing and support staff that make up your healthcare team are your advocates. They are valuable resources who can answer your questions about any aspect of your cancer diagnosis and treatment. The team will review your personal diagnosis with you to determine the right approach to your care.

It is important for you to have open discussions with your healthcare team and not be afraid to ask questions, no matter how minor or embarrassing you think they may be. Your healthcare team’s number one priority is your health and comfort throughout the treatment process. If you don't understand something, never hesitate to ask for an explanation. They will help you understand the unique elements of your diagnosis and explain what medications or procedures will be appropriate for your own individual needs.


Hear From The Experts

Dr. Marisa Weiss, physician, patient advocate and survivor sits down to discuss how taking an active role in your healthcare is more important than ever.

Getting the Most of the Doctor/Patient Relationship

Forming a relationship with your doctor is critical. It's important for both you and your doctor to nurture the relationship throughout the breast cancer treatment process.

Talking to Your Doctor About Breast Cancer

You should always feel comfortable communicating with your doctors, asking questions and expressing concerns. Be your own advocate and feel empowered to ask questions.

Initial Thoughts upon a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Learning you have breast cancer can be shocking for many people. Hear from Dr. Marisa Weiss, President and Founder of and breast cancer survivor, about some of the initial thoughts that are normal when receiving news that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Following All Steps Involved in a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

It’s important to understand all the steps involved in a breast cancer diagnosis, including options to best understand the unique characteristics of the breast tumor, so the best treatment decisions can be made.

Understanding Your Treatment Options

A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming at first and will take some time to fully comprehend. Be sure to get a full review of your diagnosis with your doctor or schedule a second appointment to address the details of your disease in more detail. Do not be afraid to seek out a second opinion at any time. Second opinions are not only available but encouraged by most healthcare providers in the cancer field..

Be prepared for your appointments with questions and take notes or record audio from doctor’s visits. If you have a smartphone, try using the My Cancer Coach App to help manage this. Take the time to learn what you can about your disease and understand your options using reliable online resources such as and materials available from reputable healthcare organizations.

Breast cancer today can be a manageable condition. With new technologies, a variety of approaches are available for you to consider as you work with your healthcare team to plan your care. Treatment options will frequently include surgery to remove the tumor, along with other therapeutic options such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Patients diagnosed with very early stage cancer may not necessarily be recommended for chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is usually recommended if the cancer is present in the lymph nodes, since it can spread easily from there or if the patient is diagnosed with more aggressive types of breast cancer. Additional therapies may be considered as part of the treatment program to help further reduce the risk of a possible recurrence.

The goal is to ensure you have the best possible treatment experience with as few side effects as possible while giving you the best possible chance for long-term health.

Hear From The Experts

Treatment Options for Early Stage Breast Cancer

Hear about how early stage breast cancer can be addressed with standard treatment options.

Understanding Your Treatment Options and Reducing Your Risk of Recurrence

Breast cancer has a variety of treatment options for curing patients and preventing recurrence of the disease. Dr. Marisa Weiss outlines the standard available treatment options for breast cancer.

Treatment Decisions: Will I Need Chemotherapy?

Hear from Dr. Marisa Weiss on how the decision for chemotherapy is best reached on an individual basis.

It is important to stay healthy through treatment 

See what you can do

It is important to stay healthy through treatment 

See what you can do