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Staying Healthy Through Treatment

Beyond the medical components of cancer care, living a healthy lifestyle is also extremely important. Incorporating healthy choices into your daily life will help improve your body's ability to fight breast cancer.

Stay healthyWeight loss is one of the most important lifestyle changes to make. Losing weight is not easy, but patients need to make it a priority to manage their weight. Talk with your doctor about a healthy weight goal and identify ways to integrate physical activity into your current lifestyle that you'll be able to maintain and enjoy over time. Remember, small simple steps can add up to a big difference.

NutritionNutritional choices are also important to consider throughout your life, particularly while going through breast cancer treatment. Minimizing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, and taking vitamins tailored to your needs are all shown to improve the odds of success when fighting disease. Vitamin D, in particular, is a valuable nutrient to take daily through a supplement.

Ask your doctor about vitamin D or other vitamins that may be beneficial for you.

Ask for SupportImportantly, don't be afraid to ask for support. Talk with other women who have undergone a similar experience and find out what support resources are available ins your community. Eliminate other stressors in your life to ensure you can focus on healing.


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